What I’ve been doing lately! (@0@)




And so aside for walking through the memory lane *coughRESEARCHcough* back to the day when I was a Cassie (Keep The Faith!!!), I’ve been swamped with Day job. Until yesterday I encountered a tweet post and decided to take part in it.

It’s an open invitation to take part during the month of NaNoWriMo as a WCNV qualified writer in Voices on FIYAH. Since I think I do have some experience in the first two, I decided to pledge myself. YEYYY

For the last two years I’ve been active in Twitter , I’ve noticed about a rising demand for equality in literary/film/drama/representation/politics/ANYTHING for People Of Colors (POC). If you befriend me on twitter, you’ll know I am also a POC. And so, naturally … I join the good cause. ^o^

That aside, currently I am also juggling some beta reading and CPing for my writers group. Add my dayjob as a civil servant and working on my #PitMad submission, I really wish there are more than 24-hours a day. So that’s it.

NaNoWriMo will start in four days, whose as excited as me?!




Side note:

The picture above is of Kim JaeJoong from JYJ (he was a former member of TVXQ, with their ginormous fandom called Cassiopeia/Cassie). Youtube is a perfect starter to check out their songs if you have time, for then you’ll understand why I became a Cassie.