Fiyi’s thought for 2017


So… welcome to 2018 ah!!!

It’s been so long since I last updated my blog. Life happens and sometimes I just don’t have the energy left to do it.

But the good thing for me, 2017 was a lit year. I found so many new writing friends. And fellows I met in 2016 had come out with their book deals. Some were still in the querying trenches or submission phase. I wish them lots of luck and hoping to join them soon.

The 2017 “words” for me are definitely “DVpit” and “CP”. I’ve met many amazing figures who taught me lots of knowledge. About the publishing world, the writing stages, the importance of having friends whose in the same phase as you (which I found in my two beloved CP sisters, Ayuna and Maria) and most importantly of perseverance. I learned how to construct pitches and made teasers for my story. DVpit had helped me a lot in this, and I need to give a shoutout to DVsquad who helped me made better pitches. These angels were so kind.

Although the world was trash fire in 2017 because of a certain someone, so far there were many things that made me grateful for it. We witnessed the rise of own voices and diverse writers, who give new hope for many marginalized writers out there. From Angie Thomas who conquered the top of NYT bestseller list for many weeks. Tomi Adeyemi who sold her book series in a seven-figure deal including the movie–which currently in the planning stage. And last but not least Hafsah Faizal, the first Muslim woman writer who sold her first book for a six-figure deal.

With these miraculous accomplishments, I hope 2018 will be more lit with colorful blinking lights. Let the sparks fly and the magic run free.



~~When you have a dream lives in it, make it come true. Don’t stop with dreaming because your life wouldn’t change, if you don’t live your dream~~


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