First blog post and homage to Grandma



This is my first attempt in blogging and this is my first blog post. Yay…

Today October 18th 2016, time 15.46 Central Indonesia Timezone. This blog initially create for the purpose of following the schedule of NaNoWriMo 2016. I take this big leap because nowadays my workload had triple, since I moved into the planning department and juggling two unfinished WiP at once–which I plan to querying before the year end.

I am an Indonesian citizen therefore you’ll find in some post that my English grammars are off, which is also why I start blogging.

Without further ado, WELCOME TO MY BLOG.

Below is a poem I wrote in 2009, a week after my grandmother passed away. Her death was my trigger to think seriously about my writing, although it would took almost seven years before I found ways to enter the literary world. I am at this long road now, hoping that sometime around next year I will arrive at my finish line.

What is it about lost and grievance?

That makes even the mightiest man kneeling.

What is it about love and missing?

That makes even the softest petal hardening.

If I could live a thousand times over,

I’ll prefer to life with no feeling.

If I could live a life worth remembering,

I’ll prefer to spend it not knowing anyone.

What is it about obedience and patience?

That makes even a heartless bastard sobbing.

It is love that I felt for you,

The one that you put on my back,

And transform itself to a pair of wings.

It is grievance that I felt toward you,

The one that you gave in to my life,

And transform itself to a hole in my heart.

It is this feeling that I got just for you,

For when you’re away you take my happiness with you.

Grandma, I might never say it to you in person …

But I love you and I adore you.

 Even if I didn’t have the chance to do it,

Know it for sure!

My love will never die.

So does my gratitude toward Allah,

For knowing you even in a shortest time……………


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