What I’ve been doing lately! (@0@)




And so aside for walking through the memory lane *coughRESEARCHcough* back to the day when I was a Cassie (Keep The Faith!!!), I’ve been swamped with Day job. Until yesterday I encountered a tweet post and decided to take part in it.

It’s an open invitation to take part during the month of NaNoWriMo as a WCNV qualified writer in Voices on FIYAH. Since I think I do have some experience in the first two, I decided to pledge myself. YEYYY

For the last two years I’ve been active in Twitter , I’ve noticed about a rising demand for equality in literary/film/drama/representation/politics/ANYTHING for People Of Colors (POC). If you befriend me on twitter, you’ll know I am also a POC. And so, naturally … I join the good cause. ^o^

That aside, currently I am also juggling some beta reading and CPing for my writers group. Add my dayjob as a civil servant and working on my #PitMad submission, I really wish there are more than 24-hours a day. So that’s it.

NaNoWriMo will start in four days, whose as excited as me?!




Side note:

The picture above is of Kim JaeJoong from JYJ (he was a former member of TVXQ, with their ginormous fandom called Cassiopeia/Cassie). Youtube is a perfect starter to check out their songs if you have time, for then you’ll understand why I became a Cassie.


An Introduction to My NaNoWriMo 2016 Project (ATHENA)


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“Athena” will be my NaNoWriMo 2016 Project, as of now I’m still in outlining (plot) stage-I’m a plantsing btw. With my NaNoWriMo 2016 Project I plan to post until I reach the goal, and then after that I’ll revise privately (though depends on my mood, I will probably post the “upgrade” version in this blog ^o^).

The idea of this story actually swam on my mind since 2007 but didn’t actually working on it until this year. Since I’m an ADD, I decided to put down my commitment in writing this story by POSTING it here. Depends on my time, come Nov.1 the start of “Athena” will be chapter one or prologue (still undecided about which one).

NaNoWriMo will take place through the whole November. I’ve won my NaNoWriMo 2015 project  and plan to do the same with this year too. Wish me Luck ^o^.

Below, is a little bit introduction of ‘ATHENA”:


She was supposed to die in the age of thirteen but she didn’t. Her parents supposed to split up when she was thirteen but they didn’t. Her brother and sister supposed to be orphan when she was thirteen but they weren’t.One event, one sacrifice put her in the Death’s list.

This is the story of a girl who was named as the greatest goddess in Greek mythology, and her journey to befitting her name.

ATHENA is a retelling of an infamous Indonesian folktale “Malin Kundang” meet with “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. (If you follow me in twitter, you’ve probably notice that it’s also my #MuslimSquadWL)


I’m not afraid of snakes,

But I’m afraid of it’s venoms.

I’m not afraid of tears,

But I’m afraid of loneliness.

I’m not afraid of death,

But I’m afraid of pain.

I’m not afraid of being ashamed,

But I’m afraid about my parents.

I’m not afraid of loving you,

But I’m afraid of losing you.

I’m not afraid of life,

Cause I know God can take me anytime.

Since ATHENA will be a first draft, please be considerate over mistakes and mishaps i.e: grammars, typos, structures etc. The goal of NaNoWriMo is to reach the 50.000 words, so mistakes bound to happen. If you don’t like it or have any suggestions/critiques just comment in each posts (do you sense my goal? Yep. I invite you to be my beta readers by commenting @o@).

And so, let me regroup my strength and see you in 7 days.


WordPress Confusion


To be confuse, to learn, to get liberate . . . that is the purpose of education

My second blog post

I planned to write an introduction of NaNoWriMo since that was this blog about, but I got caught up in finding my way around here. So many tutorials that I have to cram before I can blog my new post, so please be patient.

What I need to learn about now are how to change my “face”, adding medias alike to my post and most importantly to put on disclaimer–since I plan to post my Work In Progress.

The privacy setting will set for private until I reach the 50.000 words goal for NaNoWriMo, when I planned to link this blog with my other social media accounts.

Thank you for reading,

May Allah SWT bless you. ^o^

First blog post and homage to Grandma



This is my first attempt in blogging and this is my first blog post. Yay…

Today October 18th 2016, time 15.46 Central Indonesia Timezone. This blog initially create for the purpose of following the schedule of NaNoWriMo 2016. I take this big leap because nowadays my workload had triple, since I moved into the planning department and juggling two unfinished WiP at once–which I plan to querying before the year end.

I am an Indonesian citizen therefore you’ll find in some post that my English grammars are off, which is also why I start blogging.

Without further ado, WELCOME TO MY BLOG.

Below is a poem I wrote in 2009, a week after my grandmother passed away. Her death was my trigger to think seriously about my writing, although it would took almost seven years before I found ways to enter the literary world. I am at this long road now, hoping that sometime around next year I will arrive at my finish line.

What is it about lost and grievance?

That makes even the mightiest man kneeling.

What is it about love and missing?

That makes even the softest petal hardening.

If I could live a thousand times over,

I’ll prefer to life with no feeling.

If I could live a life worth remembering,

I’ll prefer to spend it not knowing anyone.

What is it about obedience and patience?

That makes even a heartless bastard sobbing.

It is love that I felt for you,

The one that you put on my back,

And transform itself to a pair of wings.

It is grievance that I felt toward you,

The one that you gave in to my life,

And transform itself to a hole in my heart.

It is this feeling that I got just for you,

For when you’re away you take my happiness with you.

Grandma, I might never say it to you in person …

But I love you and I adore you.

 Even if I didn’t have the chance to do it,

Know it for sure!

My love will never die.

So does my gratitude toward Allah,

For knowing you even in a shortest time……………